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Offer the solution of
first and last

Offer the solution of first and last kilometers

Car with driver private, taxis, parking, rental car, public transport, bus, train, shuttle,… Allow your future passengers to book both their flight and transfer among different transport operators, locally and internationally.

Offer the solution of first and last kilometers

According to IATA, 32% of passengers book jointly
their ticket and airport transfer to their final destination

Thanks to our powerful multimodal API, simplify the travel arrangements of your future passengers. Directly from your airline website or application, offer them the possibility to plan their itinerary and book among different modes of transport.

Couple the booking of "flight + airport transfers"

By integrating our MaaS API, you no longer just sell only the flight. Allow your future passengers to search and book their trip to and from the airport by airport shuttle, taxi, car with driver private, carpool, bus, train, or even a parking or car rental.

Propose end-to-end route bookings

Because the travel doesn’t start and end at the airport. It is important to simplify the trip before and/or after your flight. Depending on their budget or desire, allow your passengers to combine several modes of transportation to ensure they arrive at the right (air)port.

Deploy API integration quickly

Airline website or mobile application, our MaaS solution integrates easily into any device. Without any redirection and in complete transparency, quickly incorporate the reservation of additional services directly into your shopping tunnel.

Improve and innovate in customer experience

On board your airplane, allow your passengers to book their airport transfer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easily integrated with your In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems, our API will enable you to improve your services, the traveler experience, distinguishing yourself from other airlines.

Get a complete overview of the travel itinerary

Take advantage of the booking data and dashboard to make the best decisions. Favorite transportations, trends by airport,… Learn more about your pax in order to optimize your commercial and marketing levers.

Maximize your revenues from commissions

Increase profits of your airline by exploiting new business opportunities. From your dashboard, define your own pricing strategy, applying customized margins for each transport.

Airlines, enrich your offer
quickly and easily now

Airlines, enrich your offer quickly and easily now