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Integrate and test
our powerful API
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Integrate and test our powerful API for free

Lyko provides developers with the best tools to deploy faster their mobility solution. Propose an end-to-end mobility experience: Intermodal search + centralized payment, including more than 1200 public and private transports from all over the world.

Create the app that will make the world move

If you’re looking to create an application that aggregates mobility services from around the world, you’ve come to the right place !  Real technological toolbox, take full advantage of the Lyko API to quickly launch and test your own MaaS solution. In just a few lines of code, integrate the planning, reservation and payment of several public and private transports.

Connect to the world of mobility in 10 minutes

Via our API, get access to the reservation systems of more than 1200 mobility services. Thought for developers, our solution adapts to all needs, all programming languages and all volumes. Whether you start from scratch or want to integrate new services on your platform, save time by choosing our MaaS API.

powerful and scalable

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Save time, benefit from up to date data

As developers, we ourselves appreciate tools that make us more productive. With our MaaS API, we save you valuable time. No more long hours spent getting familiar with and integrating one by one public transport APIs, taxi APIs… As soon as we integrate a new operator, you benefit instantly from the latest updates. This guarantees you the most optimal MaaS solution possible !

test our MaaS API now !

Developers, test our MaaS API now !