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The ecosystem at the service
of innovation

The ecosystem at the service of innovation

Be part of an ecosystem rich in opportunities, that wants to shake up the rules and revolutionize the mobility

Let's build together right now

The emergence of MaaS, new technologies and market developments have naturally led Lyko to partner with experts, leaders, pure players and start-ups at the forefront of research.

In order to offer our customers and their users the best mobility technologies, we rely on market-recognized solutions and combine our expertise with that of our partners. As an active player in the construction of a new ecosystem, we are eager to shake up the rules and contribute to offering our services to as many people as possible.


Undoubtedly boost your growth

Whether you have been a mobility player for several years or recently created, Lyko offers you the tools and resources you need to strengthen your competitiveness. But also, to attract an ever more demanding new clientele.

Indeed, our MaaS solution offers a real opportunity to promote your mobility services. All this in order to give you the opportunity to generate additional income and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Benefit from our community

Skills, exchange and collaboration are the three essential pillars to face the new challenges of mobility, alongside an ecosystem bringing together start-ups, large companies and economic partners, whether global, regional or local. Bringing together MaaS specialists, we are all committed to building a new approach to mobility: more practical, more interconnected and sustainable. 

Hand in hand, our communauty offers the opportunity to develop tomorrow’s mobility in the best direction. For this reason, we would like to thank them warmly, allowing them to call on our team of experts, who are always there to help them if necessary.

Act together for a smart mobility