The smart MaaS toolbox

A complete smart
MaaS toolbox

A complete smart MaaS toolbox

With our powerful tool, increase the performance of your intermodal mobility solution. Thanks to our expertise in smart mobility solutions, exploit the potential of our various technical features to provide the best travel information and experience.

Une boîte à outils complète de MaaS

With Lyko, you ensure
your transition to intermodality and MaaS

With our powerful MaaS API, stay one step ahead of your competitors. From mobility services booking to integrated payment on your platform, through the most reliable passenger information delivery via our intermodal route planner, Lyko guarantees you to deploy the most elaborate and efficient mobility solution on the market.

We ensure your transition to the MaaS _tableau EN

Take advantage
our indispensable functional blocks

The reservation of more than 1,500 mobility services

With Lyko, integrating mobility service booking is extremely simple. Via our marketplace, Lyko takes care of making compatible and coordinating the different distribution systems. It doesn’t matter whether the mobility service is private or public, or on a local, national or international scale.


The integration of a centralized payment system

In order to finalize the purchase or reservation, allow your users to pay for all their mobility services, directly on your platform, without redirection. Thanks to our payment partner Stripe, we facilitate the payment of more than 135 different currencies and payment cards. This allows you to expand internationally.

The access to the most reliable travel information

Schedules of the next bus, geolocation of the nearest parking lot, estimated time of arrival,… In order to deliver the most optimized routes in real time, our intermodal computer is capable of processing a large volume of data, whatever the format.

The visualization of your platform's performance

Number of searches, evolution of bookings over the last 3 months, volume of business generated by a client,… From your dashboard, access a range of indicators about your platform and the users who book on it.

Test now
our powerful MaaS API !

Test now
our powerful MaaS API !