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Sell train tickets
via our Regiojet API

Sell train tickets
via our Regiojet API

In a few lines of code, connect your platform to the distribution systems of Regiojet. We do the hard technical work of contracting, connecting and upgrading data from the Czech railway company. 

 But also, from over 2500 other mobility service providers.

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Thanks to the Lyko API,
easily integrate Regiojet datasets

Thanks to the Lyko API, integrate easily Regiojet datasets

Whether you are planning to develop a platform to share the next train schedule, the best route or to book a train, Lyko provides all the tools and data you need to create the best connected mobility solution and provide the best user experience.

Booking API
Integrate the booking of Regiojet trains

Prague, Vienna, Budapest,… Without leaving your platform, offer your users the possibility to book and pay Regiojet e-tickets.

 But also, from over 2500 other mobility service providers.


Intermodal Routing API
Provide door-to-door trip

From the first to the last mile, allow your users to plan their itinerary by train, with the possibility of combining different trains or modes of transport (bus, metro, cab, VTC,…)

Search API
Real-time access to Regiojet data

Fares, timetables, next departures, location of the nearest stations,… Our algorithms are able to process and host a large volume of data concerning passenger services. And this, in real and theoretical time.


Easily analyze and manage your application

From your dashboard, get access to a series of KPIs on your platform such as the number of searches, the evolution of bookings over the last 3 months or the volume of business generated by a client… 

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