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At Lyko, no monthly subscription, no commitment !
Simply connect to our MaaS API according to your needs with our pay-as-you-go formulas.

Perfect for start-ups and SMEs,
wishing to become a multimodal player


  • Lyko Mobility Store
  • Intermodal Trip Planning
  • Booking and Payment
  • Travel Management
  • -


  • SLA 99%
  • Response within 24 hours
    by email and phone

Ideal for key accounts,
wishing estimate full cost


  • Lyko Mobility Store
  • Intermodal Trip Planning
  • Booking and Payment
  • Travel Management
  • Data Vizualisation Premium


  • SLA 99,95%
  • Immediate assistance
    from a dedicated technical expert

Take your mobility platform
at the top level




Lyko Mobility Store :
Access Lyko’s vast marketplace and become a multimodal player. In real time, connect to more than 1200 public and private transport operators from all over the world.

Intermodal Trip Planning : On the same journey, allow your users to combine different modes of transport as they wish in real time. Via our powerful search engine, offer the most optimal door-to-door trip.

Booking and Payment :
Directly from your platform, allow your users to book and pay for all their means of transport. All this is possible via our centralized, certified and secure payment system.

Travel management :
From your dashboard, manage your “MaaS” offer efficiently and simply. In one click, select the transports you wish to integrate. Or configure your different commissions per carrier.

Data vizualisation Premium :
Use all the tools you need to understand and analyze your users’ habits. Take full advantage of the data to make the best strategic decisions.

SLA Service Level Agreement  :
Benefit from a quality service. As experts in mobility, we are committed to providing and delivering an operational API. In the event of an incident, you can count on our technical team.

99 %

99,95 %

Technical support :
Take advantage of the know-how of our Lyko experts. Listening to you, we answer all your questions and optimize your mobility platform to the maximum.
Answer within 24 hours
by email and phone
Immediate assistance
from a dedicated expert

Increase the power of
your mobility platform tenfold now

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