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Manage all the
mobility needs
of your citizens

Manage all the
mobility needs
of your citizens

Public transport, train, bike, scooter, cab, parking, etc… Thanks to our intermodal API, develop your own mobility solution by centralizing data from transport operators, available in your city.

Gérez tous les besoins de mobilité de vos habitants

Since the launch of Whim, Helsinki's MaaS application,
74% have been using public transport, up from 48% previously.

To reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, take advantage of our intermodal API to launch or optimize your MaaS solution.
On a single platform, enable the planning and booking of more sustainable transportation services.

Revolutionize and simplify the mobility experience

From searching for a route, to buying a bus ticket, to booking a bike, a cab or a parking space, offer your residents everything they need to move, on a single platform. Combine modes of transportation to recommend the most optimal intermodal route. 

Promote the use of mass transit and shared mobility services

Because today the car is still the most used means of transport in daily life, make every effort to promote more sustainaible and responsible modes of transport. Bus, carpooling, car sharing, etc., integrate on your MaaS platform modes of transport that have a lower impact on the environment.

Quickly launch and optimize your MaaS solution

Mobile application, website, interactive terminal, … Our API can be easily adapted to any platform, so that you can facilitate the daily life of more users. 100% scalable, we manage the whole process of planning, booking and centralized payment of intermodal trips.

Quickly identify improvement opportunities

Thanks to our dashboard, we offer you a detailed and in-depth insight into the travel habits of your residents. How ? Where ? When ? Exploit this data to make the best decisions and improve your transportation policy and mobility services in your territory.

Save time on the launch of your MaaS solution
by integrating our intermodal API

Save time on the launch of your MaaS solution by integrating our
intermodal API