Connecting the Mobility World

Innovate and launch new
mobility solutions

Innovate and launch new mobility solutions

As mobility is becoming a global interest for many companies, Lyko help you to extend your services. Attract a larger number of customers, without investing a lot!


Give your customers more services by providing a corporate mobility solution

Encourage the application of the LOM (Loi d’Orientation des Mobilités) by providing to your customers additional mobility services. Thanks to Lyko, deploy a mobility solution that allow your customers to : 


Offer a multimodal insurance through your own mobility solution

As mobility is evolving, people are using diverse modes of transportation. Your clients need to be insured not only for the use of their cars but for the use of others modes of transportation such as scooters, bikes,… With our API, we allow you to :


Offer more services to your customers by providing mobility offers

Integrate other mobility services into your app to centralise all of your customers’ daily transactions. Thanks to Lyko, you can :

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Don't wait to try it
for free today !

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