The smart MaaS toolbox

Connect your product to mobility services worldwide

Connect your product to
mobility services

By accessing our API, we offer you the most powerful and intuitive tools to easily develop your own intermodal mobility solution. Thanks to our marketplace, connect to the data and booking systems of more than 1500 public and private mobility services, all over Europe.

Your smart toolbox,
dedicated to "Mobility as a Service" solutions

Whether you plan to develop an application to book mobility services, to inform the schedule of the next bus or to plan intermodal trips, Lyko provides you with all the functional and technological blocks you need to create the best connected mobility solution.

Lyko Mobility Store

Lyko Mobility Store

Access to distribution systems for more than 1,500 mobility services.

ATIS integrated

ATIS integrated

The guarantee of delivering the best traveller information, via our intermodal journey planner.

Payment solution

Payment solution

The ability to provide end-to-end mobility service.

A direct access to booking of

A direct access
to booking of

Via our Lyko Mobility Store, connect in real time to the distribution systems of more than 1,500 mobility services. In order to provide your travellers with a wide range of mobility offers, we are in charge of centralizing, updating and coordinating the data sets of public and private players, whatever their format.

A simple MaaS API,
built for developers

Ensuring interoperability, we take care of aggregating and consolidating the data so your teams don’t have to juggle different systems or spend months integrating key functionality. By providing an Open Booking API as well as an SDK, the development time of your intermodal or MaaS solution is reduced from 1 year to only 3 months.

  • Powerful JSON REST API
  • Easy & quick integration
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Extensive Documentation

A mobility experience,
totally reinvented

Considering a MaaS solution only as a simple multimodal comparator would be too restrictive. At Lyko, we go further by allowing your users to inform, plan, book and pay for all their mobility services, directly from your platform. Enough to innovate as fast as your users are on the move!

A large ecosystem,
of local and international partners

Thanks to Lyko, give your MaaS solution an international scope. Beyond borders, cover a large scope of mobility services, throughout the world. Whatever the format, Lyko is in charge of harmonizing all these datasets. 

Take advantage of our
powerful technological toolbox

Take advantage of our
powerful technological toolbox