Connecting the Mobility World

The best API to sell mobility services online

The best API to sell mobility services online

Through one integration, Lyko allows you to cover all your customers’ mobility needs. In less than 5 minutes, connect your platform to the distribution systems of more than 2,500 Mobility Service Providers, public and private, across Europe.


Unified platform

The complete toolbox to ensure
end-to-end mobility service

If you plan to integrate on your website or mobile application the booking of mobility services or the planning of intermodal trips, it is possible thanks to Lyko technology. Indeed, our APIs provide you with everything you need to become multimodal and adapt to all types of platforms.


Mobility Marketplace

Access to the distribution systems of public and private Transport Service Providers.

Intermodal Routing

The guarantee to provide door-to-door trip,  with our  intermodal trip planner.


Payment System

The insurance to offer 
a single payment

International coverage

One integration,
Countless services

Public transport, trains, VTC, micro-mobility services, shared services, car rentals, parking,…  Don’t worry about integrating each service consecutively. For you, we do the hard work searching, contracting and centralizing the systems of thousands of public and private transport operators in Europe!


Deep integrations

From planning to booking, a seamless user experience

Considering deep-linking as a solution is far from meeting your customers’ expectations. At Lyko, all distribution systems of our mobility providers are fully integrated. In other words, no redirection to our partner’s site or application will be made during payment.

Designed for developers

Simple APIs as powerful
as they are intuitive

Agile and optimized, our APIs platform has been designed to fit and cover any type of infrastructure. For you, our team of developers ensures interoperability, so your teams don’t have to juggle for months between different systems. We take care also of integrating new mobility services constantly for you!

    "origin": {...},
    "destination": {...},
    "status": "BOOKED",
    "costs": {...},
    "legs": [
        "origin": {...},
        "destination": {...},
        "mode": "CAR",
        "operator": {...},
        "costs": {...},

Flexible solution

The go-to partner
for innovators around the world

Used by public and private actors of all sizes, (Mobility Authorities, start-ups, global groups…), Lyko’s APIs allow us to innovate as fast as we move. Through our technology, we democratize the Mobility ecosystem, which isn’t always accessible, through a simple connection to our product.


Deep integration, Intermodality, Interoperability... Don't worry about the technical complexity!


No more long negotiations... Thanks to our APIs, take advantage of our large network of partners in Europe.

Travel Tech

From the first to the last kilometer, finally ensure a door-to-door journey, in more than 15 countries in Europe.



Cover and take advantage of your customers' new needs by launching your own mobility offer.


Super App

Offer a new service by integrating the sale of mobility services into your super application.

Don't wait to try it
for free today !

Don't wait to try it
for free today !

Create an account in less than a minute and start selling mobility services on your platform, without signing any contract!