Connecting the Mobility World

The complete technology toolbox
for smartest MaaS solution

The complete technology toolbox for smartest MaaS solution

No matter the size or the scope of your MaaS project, Lyko is the perfect technology partner to help you launch the most comprehensive MaaS solution, as soon as possible.


The easiest way to avoid
investing in research and development...

The easiest way to avoid investing in research and development...

Multimodality, Intermodality, Interoperability,… There are many technical challenges in Mobility as A service. 
Through our full-fledged MaaS technologies, Lyko provides you with everything you need to meet them and better understand the market.

Integrate a global network of TSP effortless

As aggregator like you, we know that it is not always simple to convince or contract a partnership with a Transport Service Provider. To avoid the long negotiations, we do all the hard work of sourcing, contracting and connecting Transportation Service providers for you!


Deliver better ways to move people from A to B

Because considering a MaaS solution as a simple multimodal comparator would be too restrictive. At Lyko, we go further with our  powerful intermodal calculator which can support a large high-volumes of data, even when the journey requires many connections.

No need to juggle between different data formats

Not always easy to connect public or private transportation, or even combin the offer available in urban and interurban territory. As a standardization layer, we harmonize datas and manage all the complexity of deploying MaaS solutions in order to let you focus only on your application launch strategy.


Always keep track of your expenses and performance

At Lyko, no matter the progress of your project, always be clear about what you will pay. Via your dashboard, easily monitor your offer if needed. Also, access to your  app’s metrics to identify high-demand areas and optimize your MaaS strategy  in the field. 

Ready to evolve
your MaaS offer?

Ready to evolve your MaaS offer?