Connecting the Mobility World

Does Lyko have an application ?

Lyko does not have any applications. Indeed, as a technology provider, we provide our clients with all the functional bricks they need to facilitate the deployment of their intermodal mobility solutions. This is achieved through our APIs that can be

In which language is the Lyko platform available?

Our platform is available in French and English. From the dashboard, you just have to click on the “FR” or “EN” button on the top left of the home screen.

Who is Lyko aimed at?

Operating exclusively on a B-to-B basis, Lyko is primarily aimed at cities and players in the mobility and travel industry, to simplify the development of their own intelligent and intermodal mobility solutions (or MaaS).

Who are we?

As a young company in the mobility sector, our goal is to provide local authorities and companies with the most advanced technologies to simplify the development of intermodal and MaaS solutions. From route planning to timetable consultation, Lyko provides you