Connecting the Mobility World

What is Lyko’s geographical coverage?

You can find the coverage of our partners on: https://coverage.lyko.tech/. To follow the progress or share any suggestions regarding integrations, please visit this page: : https://s.lyko.tech/integrations. This page is updated as soon as a new mobility service is integrated in

What can I do if I want to join a specific mobility service?

It is entirely possible to carry out an integration on demand. If this benefits all our customers, the integration cost will be fully covered by Lyko. If not, the integration will be at your expense. For more information, do not

Are the integrations of mobility services automatically updated?

As soon as a mobility service is integrated by our developers, it is automatically made available to our customers. It is then up to you to decide if you want to activate this transport network in your application or not.

How do I activate the mobility services?

First log in to your account at : https://dashboard.lyko.tech/en/login. Once on your dashboard, select your application, under the Lyko logo. Then go to the “application” settings on the left. You will find at the bottom the different mobility providers integrated

What mobility services are available on your Marketplace?

You can find all our mobility services by clicking on the “Application” button located in the left sidebar.  You can also consult our mapping of mobility services by city by following this link: https://coverage.lyko.tech/.