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Integrate the booking
of Grimaldi Lines

Integrate the booking of Grimaldi Lines

In a few lines of code, integrate the ticket sales of the famous Italian shipping company. We do most of the technical work for you, by connecting your platform to Grimaldi Lines’ distribution systems. 

 But also, from over 2500 other mobility service providers.

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Integrate in less than 5 minutes
Grimaldi Lines data with the Lyko API

Integrate in less than 5 minutes
Grimaldi Lines data with the Lyko API

It’s not always easy to integrate ferry reservations or to plan intermodal trips…
For you, Lyko takes care of decomplexing all this into a complete suite of tools!

Booking API
Integrate ferry ticket booking, without any deep-linking

Ferries to Italy, France, Spain, Sicily, Tunisia,… From your platform, allow your users to book their Grimaldi Lines ferry. But also a dozen ferry companies, including Grandi Navi Veloci, Balearia, or CTN Ferries.


Intermodal Routing API
Provide door-to-door routes

From the first to the last kilometer, allow your users to plan their itinerary by combining and booking different ferries or modes of transport. (Train, car rental, bus,…) We take care of compiling and making interoperable the different mobility services in order to cover all your customers’ needs.

Search API
Provide the best traveler information

Fares, next departures, schedules, ETA, nearest port served,… Our algorithms are able to process and host a large volume of data on services for travelers.


Mobility Marketplace

More than just access to the Grimaldi Lines API

Although the Grimaldi Lines API offers the same functionality, the Lyko API allows you to access data and services from more than 2,500 other private transport operators in Europe. And this, without having to manage integrations one by one because we take care of everything for you!

A single integration
More than a dozen shipping companies