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Offer Rhodium car rental through the Lyko API

Offer Rhodium vehicles rental through the Lyko API

In a few lines of code, connect your platform to the information and distribution systems of Rhodium. For you, we do all the hard work of aggregating and updating data of this leader rental provider.

 But also, from over 2500 other mobility service providers.

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Rental car options

An integration in less than 5 minutes,
Direct access to Rhodium's data and services

An integration in less than 5 minutes, Direct access to Budget's data and services

Booking API
The integration of car rental, without deep-link

Opel Corsa, Ford Puma, Renault Kadjar, Toyota C-HR Hybrid,… Without leaving your platform, allow your customers to book and pay their car rental Rhodium. But also from about thirty other car rental companies such as Sixt, EuropcarHertz, Avis or Enterprise.


Intermodal Routing API
The planning of door-to-door trip

From the first to the last kilometer, allow your users to plan their itinerary in Rhodium vehicles, with the possibility of combining different modes of transport (plane, train, ferry…). We take care of compiling and making interoperable the different mobility services to propose the most optimal route. 

Search API
Access to real-time information about Rhodium vehicles

Rental prices, fleet lists, location of rental agencies … Our algorithms are capable of processing and hosting a large volume of vehicle rental data.


Mobility Marketplace

More than just access to the Rhodium API

Although the Rhodium API offers the same functionality, the Lyko API allows you to access data and services from more than 2,500 other private transport operators in Europe. And this, without having to manage integrations one by one because we take care of everything for you!

Don't wait to try it
for free today !

Don't wait to try it
for free today !

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