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Integrate the booking of taxis and PHV in your platform

In a few lines of code, connect your product to the reservation and distribution systems of more than 2,500 cabs and VTC fleets, directly on your platform. And all, without redirection to a third website or mobile application!



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Get direct access to our
large network of Taxis and VTCs

Whether you are planning to develop a platform for booking taxi fares or for planning intermodal trips, 
Lyko provides all the functional and technological building blocks you need.

Booking Taxi API
Integrate the booking of taxi, moto taxi and VTC

Without any redirection, allow your customers to order a taxi or plan a journey from one of our 70 local or national partners in France. We will search for and contract operators for you, then harmonise the different distribution systems. 


Search API
Access to the most reliable traveler information

Ride pricing, taxis tracking, ETA, fleets list… We have designed our own algorithms, capable of processing and hosting a large volume of data. All in real and theoretical time.

Intermodal Routing API
Offer door-to-door route planning

With our powerful journey planner, allow your users to plan intermodal journeys on a local and national scale. From train to ferry to public transport, combine different modes of transport and suggest the best route end-to-end.


Mobility Marketplace

Offer a wide choice of operators

In addition to taxi, the Lyko API allows you to access data and services from more than 2,500 other public and private transportation providers in Europe. All without having to manage integrations one by one. 

Analysis and monotoring of your application

Finally, from your dashboard, access a series of KPIs on your platform such as the number of searches, the evolution of bookings over the last 3 months or the volume of business generated by a client…. 


Don't wait to try it
for free today !

Don't wait to try it
for free today !

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