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Connect your platform to
the Lyko's transport API

Connect your platform to the Lyko's transport API

In less than five minutes, integrate the data of thousands of public and private transport operators in Europe. And this, without having to manage integrations one by one, because Lyko aggregates, contracts, and connects all mobility offers for you!

Transport API
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One simple integration,
Countless possibilities

In a simple API, Lyko provides everything you need to deploy a comprehensive intermodal solution.
From planning to booking, cover all users’ mobility needs, from the first to the last kilometers.

Booking API
Access to the distribution of thousands of operators

Public transport, train, ferry, cab, VTC, scooter, parking, car-sharing service,… In a few lines of code, start selling mobility services on your platform. And this without any deep-link!

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intermodal routing api

Intermodal Routing API
The guarantee to deliver a door to door journey

Cab + Train, Scooter + Bus or Parking + TER,… Via our trip planner, allow your users to calculate intermodal routes in a few seconds. And this, on a national scale and with an unlimited number of transport modes.

Easy-to-Use API
Designed for developers

Clear documentation, reliable test environment, scalable platform,… Our team ensures interoperability, so you don’t have to juggle between different systems or spend months integrating mobility services. From your dashboard, in one click, activate or deactivate the operator of your choice. 

Don't wait to try it
for free today !

Don't wait to try it
for free today !

Create an account in less than a minute and start selling mobility services on your platform, without signing any contract!